🎶Litmic of the Month🎶

Let's hold hands with friends first of all that everyone is looking forward to every month ~ ♪😊

Because it was November, a litmic teacher brought me [eyebow] and [turn] and touched it!❗You were surprised by the big eyelashes.!😲!

In accordance with the song of the eyelashes, if there was a ♪ eyelid, I was able to give it to the next friend with "Sa~" of "Sa~"🌟

The real eyelids are a little thorny.😲You were able to hold it with care.😏

Some children asked that chestnuts were not real, so they felt fluffy and asked that they (^O^)/ want to have it anymore.😺

There are also children who observe carefully、、、👇

And this time we all made "Maracas"❗

Inside, you can put acorn or leaf paper or beads、、、

I put a seal on it、、、

After we were able to do it, we all played a sound to the song of "Toy Cha".🎵

What we always do is everyone remembers and participates with this nice expression with a smile😆

Finally, three people holding hands and playing instruments during the rhythmic💟

Next month,🎄Christmas🎅I wonder if I'll sing?😁I'm looking forward to it.✨