I went shopping!


~Shopping Edition~

Today we all went shopping for tomorrow's food education!

Listen carefully to the teacher's promise to go to the supermarket and what he will buy...👂

Departure to the supermarket~

When crossing the road...?
"Right, left, right, back~👀I checked to see if a car was coming and raised my hand to cross.

When I asked, "What are you buying~?" While saying "Onion!" and other ingredients to buy, we went to the supermarket while enjoying the conversation.

Arrived at Shizutetsu Store!!

First of all, bean sprouts~!



Explore the inside of the shop part (1)



Exploring the inside of the store part (2)


Exploring the inside of the store part (3)


Exploring the inside of the store part (4)

Payment~"Please give me this~!"

Everyone bought ♪ it well

I got tangerines as a souvenir🍊

Welcome back everyone~

A little detour~

I am back~!
"I'm tired of walking a lot..."

Tomorrow we'll cook with the ingredients we all bought!!
Please look forward to seeing what they will make...!