A presentation ceremony was held for the building blocks.

These building blocks were carefully handmade one by one by the users of Takao-en!
This building block made from cypress.
It is pleasant to the touch, has a nice smell of cypress, and feels the warmth of wood(#^^#)

It was handed to each child, and the children who received it seemed happy

"It smells good" or "It sounds good."
I overheard such a conversation

We all sat in a circle and played with building blocks(*^^*)

Let's stack ♪ them together

Let's put them ♪ side by side

We had a lot of fun playing together(*^^*)

After playing, clean up together

A handshake of "thank you" at the end(*^^*)

Very nice cypress building blocks
The fact that each one is handmade with a lot of heart makes me feel warmth and warms my heart(*^^*)

The children were very happy, and I am really grateful to have received such a wonderful thing.

I will use it carefully from now on.

Thank you very much to everyone at Takao-en.